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Beauty is not less for falling in the breeze.
There's no sky inside;
but the ceiling cannot hide
the stars from my eyes.
One a.m. - I dream
a thousand beautiful dreams
while I wait to die.
In Eden's garden,
(cloying flowers, ripened fruit)
his love tainted me.
Weekend, 2 am.
If the night is still so young,
why do I feel old?
When darkness rises
and the meek are ungrateful
is when Atlas shrugs.
A beautiful lie,
full of promise, love, and hope,
is still but a lie.
The razor is poised.
The question begs an answer:
which coward am I?
My heart sweetly sings
for a lover who is true;
I'm locked in a cage.
I'm lost and alone:
my bonds are gossamer threads
just waiting to break.
If your eyes were kind,
if your smile was for me,
my heart was foolish.
Just what then is "love"
but respect and loyalty -
something you know not?
You're selfish and cruel:
hungry for love you can't share,
you've eaten my heart.
Come back, cruel Cupid;
I'll yank out your steel arrow
and jab out your eyes.
I would love you, but
only love could turn to hate;
I love,
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Icarus in love.
Someone, clip these wings of mine;
I want to see the sun before I die.
To soar up to the highest heights,
to dip and swoop among the clouds,
to stretch with fingers towards the sky,
to bask in the warmth of the golden heat,
these are the things that I yearn for,
before I reach too far,
and my feathers fall out
til none are left,
and I plummet to my death.
I want to see the sun before I die...
Someone, please clip these wings of mine.
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The Betrayal
Your eyes, so full of gentleness,
are sweet as rotten fruit.
Your smile, radiant as the sun?
Nay, the light to hell's fires would more suit.
Your hands, steady in their caress,
raked bloodied wounds down my spine.
Your laugh, full-bodied and full of joy,
promised to break me when you made me thine.
You gave me hope,
then tore out my heart.
You gave me love,
but it was false.
You gave me joy,
but made me jealous.
You gave me laughter,
and made me despair.
You said I was beautiful and I was kind,
you said our memory would never fade.
You said you loved me, and then you left me;
my self you have betrayed.
You taught me what it was to love,
and then taught me what it was to hate.
What you did to me so mercilessly,
makes the eighth circle of hell your fate.
You made me rage and scream in pain,
you made me weep and cry.
I pray you feel my agony
one day before you die.
I hope you feel unhappiness,
and I hope you walk in fear.
I love you and I hate you;
from my heart you'll disappear.
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Winter's Love
I cannot recall (on this winter's day) just why you make me smile.
It must be because (upon pondering) that you've been with me awhile.
I no longer remember your youthful face
(though your eyes are deep pools of love),
and your hair has turned grey and thinned out a bit
(I'm still blinded by your smile like the sun).
Your arthritic hands shake like leaves in a breeze
(with a caress that is gentle and true).
Your wheezing breaths could not be viewed as "fit"
(the sound of your laugh fills me with joy anew).
No, I cannot recall why you make me smile
(in fact, there's no reason at all).
But when I hear your voice in my dreams, I am glad
I answered your soul's clarion call.
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3 Chip Tshirt :iconscico:scico 2 0 ACDA Tshirt :iconscico:scico 0 0
in the light of the moon, in the dark of the night
"I love you," she said, in the light of the moon,
the waves crashing against the sandy shore.
Her eyes were open,
her lips were moist,
she said, "I love you," and nothing more.
"Me, too," he laughed, in the dark of the night,
the wind howling through the rocks on the hill.
His gaze was awry,
his jaw was set,
he laughed, "me, too," falling quiet and still.
"I love you," she said, in the light of the moon,
"Me, too," he laughed, in the dark of the night,
the waves crashing against the sandy shore,
the wind howling through the rocks on the hill.
Her eyes were open,
his gaze was awry,
her lips were moist,
his jaw was set,
she said, "I love you," and nothing more.
He laughed, "me, too," falling quiet and still.
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Happy Birthday, Adrienne. 2011. :iconscico:scico 0 0 Happy Birthday, Amber. 2011 :iconscico:scico 0 0 vcuarts tshirt design :iconscico:scico 1 2 Happy Birthday, Jacob. 2011. :iconscico:scico 0 0 Happy Birthday, Amber. 2010. :iconscico:scico 1 0 Layouts :iconscico:scico 1 0

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The police were out in force, sirens flashing everywhere
I didn't understand, I couldn't see how it was fair
I suppose it was my punishment for being such a fool
And I still regret the day that I peed in the swimming pool.
Very soon the whole world knew, I was on the evening news
Thousands came to talk to me, the journalists formed queues
I was being sent to jail, because I broke the golden rule
That at no cost must you ever pee in someone's swimming pool.
They collected water samples, fingerprints and DNA
And told me I was guilty; there was nothing I could say
I supposed that prison couldn't be a whole lot worse than school
But I wished beyond all words that I had not peed in the pool.
I was locked indoors all morning, I broke rocks all afternoon
It was torturing my mind, I really hoped I'd get out soon
We ran on treadmills every day, they fed us all on gruel
I suppose it was fair punishment for peeing in the pool.
They gave me a life sentence, I was never coming out
I slumped against
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I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
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